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Robyn Jeppesen is Tanglewood’s Karate teacher and she has been teaching Moo Lim Do for over 20 years under the teaching of Kap C. Lim. During that time she tougher the college level and private lessons for ages 3-83.

Belt promotions happen as each student progresses and becomes qualified for each new phase of learning. The general time frame is 4-6 months. Once a student is qualified for advancement, their instructor will inform them of when the next test will take place. All promotion tests take place in Layton (www.manta.com/cmap/mm2g287/wprld-moo-lim-do-of-layton). under the direct supervision of Grand Master Lim and Master Lim (www.standard.net/topics/featurs/2010/04/29/former-ogdenite-releases-martial-arts-film). Family and friends are encouraged to attend to support the student during these tests.

Moo Lim Do comes from Korea which is a traditional martial art.

One time registration to World Moo Lim Do – $25.00

Uniform – $25-35 (depending on size) + $20 for patches.

Belt Advancement Tests:

White to Yellow: $80.00

Yellow to Green: $100.00

Green to Blue: $120.00

Blue to Brown: $140.00

Brown to Red: $160.00

Red to Red & Black: $180.00